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Scratched CD's & DVD's driving you crazy?

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Scratch Wizard Manual CD/DVD Restoration Kit. Repairs 60+ Discs!

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Scratch Wizard Manual CD / DVD Restoration Kit

Have you got CD’s, DVD’s or Game discs that skip, pixilate or don’t even load? Discs are fragile and do not respond well to wear and tear. Even things as minor as fingermarks on DVD’s can cause them to read errors and not load properly!

If you’re tired of your favourite CD’s, DVD’s and Games not working as they should, then you need a Scratch Wizard CD / DVD Restoration Kit! This disc repair kit is able to repair light to deep scratches by simply repeating the disc repair process. Kit Includes enough repair fluid for 60+ discs!

The Scratch Wizard is a product which has been developed off the success of our Commercial Disc Repair Machines. It uses the same Repair compound as we use in our Commercial Disc Repair Machines, the only difference is that to repair discs with the Scratch Wizard requires some elbow grease!

The Scratch Wizard will repair all types of discs including music CD’s, CD-R’s, CD-RW’s, DVD’s, DVD-R’s, DVD-RW’s, PS2 Games, XBOX Games, Gamecube. The process to repair any of these disc formats is exactly the same.

Restoring your CD & DVD discs couldn’t be easier…

The Scratch Wizard comes complete with a 75ml bottle of CD / DVD Scratch Repair Solution, a Disc Repair Pad and a lint-free cleaning cloth. How do you repair your scratched discs?
1. Simply lay down the lint-free cleaning cloth and place your scratched disc on top (picture side down!).
2. Shake the CD / DVD Scratch Repair Solution well and apply several drops onto the disc surface.
3. Using the shiny side of the Disc Repair Pad, work the solution into the disc surface, applying firm pressure in a circular motion.
4. Continue buffing the solution with the Disc Repair Pad until it begins to harden and then wipe the disc with the cloth supplied until the surface shines.
5. Again apply CD / DVD Scratch Repair Solution to the disc, this time buffing the disc with the soft side of the Disc Repair Pad using firm pressure and a circular motion.
6. Wipe the disc clean with the cloth provided until all residue is gone.
7. Simply repeat Steps 1-6 if any scratches remain.

Each Scratch Wizard CD / DVD Restoration Kit should repair approximately 60 discs, although this really depends on how badly scratched your discs are, and how many times you repeat the disc repair process on each disc.

If this all sounds like too much hard work, then you should rather consider the Restore-A-Disc Electronic Disc Repairer & Cleaner – it will also repair all types of discs, but does so with the click of a button!

Don't forget to read our pages on Disc Care Tips and How CD's Work!

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"Finally a product that does what it says it will. the Disk Doctor Pro Rocks! I can repair ALL my DVD's, CD's and Game Discs for a fraction of the cost of other products! I am extremely happy with the Pro and give it a 10 out of 10 for value for money!"

Dan Black, VIC










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