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Scratched CD's & DVD's driving you crazy?

2 Year Warranty on Disc Repair Machines

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Electronic Disc Repairer & Cleaner

No more skipping, lost data, pixelation or stalled games - the Restore-A-Disc is a lifesaver for all discs!

CD-ROM discs are a big part of our lives today. How many music CD’s, DVD’s, Data discs, Game discs and Photo discs do you have at home? How many of these discs work without any hiccups?

We’ve all learnt the hard way how fragile discs are. How many times have you put on your favourite music CD, only to discover it skips during the very best song! Or, even worse, your favourite DVD skips and doesn’t play properly. These are everyday frustrations because we don’t look after our discs well.

It is highly recommended that you read our tips on how to look after your discs. Also, learning how discs are made and read is very useful in understanding how to look after discs, how to repair discs and what discs cannot be repaired.

So, you’ve got a pile of “scratched” discs that need repairing. Well, you’re at the right place – The Disk Doctor specializes in disc repair! We have a range of products (including the Restore-A-Disc) that will fix any type of disc: CD, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube etc.

Details about the Restore-A-Disc electronic disc repairer and cleaner!

How does it work?
What types of scratched discs will it repair?
How effective is it at repairing most scratched discs?

Want to read reviews from independent companies that have tested this product? Latest Buy, DVDBits & PC PowerPlay have all put the Restore-A-Disc through it’s paces and given it the thumbs up!

The Restore-A-Disc will operate on all types of discs – this includes music CD’s, DVD’s, Data CD-ROM’s, Game discs just to name a few. The process for repairing discs is the same, no matter what type if disc you are repairing.

The Restore-A-Disc will repair light to medium scratches in all types of discs. It is not a miracle worker and will not repair very deep scratches – for this you need to use one of our Commercial Disc Repair Machines – these can repair knife cut scratches in all types of discs! The Restore-A-Disc will however clean discs very well, as well as repairing most scratches associated with day-to-day wear and tear.

The Restore-A-Disc has three functions - Cleaning, Repairing & Polishing. Depending on the amount of damage to your disc, you need to choose which setting to operate the Restore-A-Disc on to get the best results.

Disc Cleaning Process

If your disc has light scratches, dirt and fingermarks causing interruptions to play, then the Cleaning function should do the job. Simply spray some Cleaning Solution onto the disc, put in the cleaning wheels and press “Clean”. After 45 seconds the Restore-A-Disc will stop spinning and you can remove your disc – cleaned!

Light Scratched Disc Repair Process

If your discs have several light scratches and are dirty etc., then the Repair function is required. Simply put the Repair wheels into the Restore-A-Disc and place 3 drops of the Repair Solution onto the ‘wet’ wheel. Place your disc in the Restore-A-Disc and push “Repair”. After 2 minutes you can remove your disc from the Restore-A-Disc. If the Repair function didn’t do the job adequately, then you need to do the Deeper Scratched Disc Repair Process outlined below.

Deeper Scratched Disc Repair Process

If your disc has several scratches which look a little more than light scuffs etc, then you need to do the deeper scratch disc repair process. Simply put the two Polishing wheels into the Restore-A-Disc, place your disc in position and hit the “Repair” button. Once the Restore-A-Disc finishes repairing your disc, remove the disc and replace the Polish wheels with the Repair wheels to do the Repair process. Once this is completed, your disc should be repaired and ready to use.

After using the Polishing wheels, you may notice some “swirl” marks on your disc. This is normal and will not impede the reading of the disc, it is only a visual effect. If you wish to reduce the swirl marks, simply repeat the Repair process. The swirls will not totally disappear from your disc, however they will not effect it’s operation.

Of course, some discs will be beyond saving with the Restore-A-Disc. If this turns out to be the case with some of your discs, you can either send them to us for repairing with one of our Commercial Disc Repair Machines, or simply Contact Us and we’ll tell you where the closest machine is located to you.

Refill Kits

The Restore-A-Disc uses Cleaning, Repairing and Polishing products to repair your discs. When you buy a Restore-A-Disc, you will get a starter kit, with enough of each to do approximately 50 discs. When this starter kit has run out, you will need to buy more. If you find you use more Polishing & Repairing products then Cleaning, then you can simply buy the ones you need. All of these products are available via our online store also.

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"Finally a product that does what it says it will. the Disk Doctor Pro Rocks! I can repair ALL my DVD's, CD's and Game Discs for a fraction of the cost of other products! I am extremely happy with the Pro and give it a 10 out of 10 for value for money!"

Dan Black, VIC










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