The Disk Doctor's Product Brochures

The Disk Doctor is constantly developing new and innovative products in the CD / DVD Scratch Repair industry. Please check this page regularly for new products being released!

These are The Disk Doctor's Product Brochures. If you wish to order a disc repair product, but do now wish to do so over the internet, simply download and print out one of these Brochures and fax it to us!

Retail Catalogue

Download a copy of The Disk Doctor's Retail Product Catalogue.


All brochures are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download Adobe Reader:

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Commercial Disc Repair Machines

The World's #1 Scratch Removal Machines!

MACH1 Dual Arm Disk Repair Machine
MACH2 Single Arm Disk Repair Machine


DiscCloth Counter Display

The DiscCloth Counter Display is ideal for increasing your average customer spend by appealing to those "impulse" shoppers!

The cloths and wipes in this display are great for cleaning discs and removing dust, dirt, grime and fingermarks to keep your CD's, DVD's & Games working properly.


Restore-a-Disc Electronic CD / DVD Repairer & Cleaner

The Restore-a-Disc is the very latest in home disc repair products. It has been highly reviewed and is capable of cleaning, polishing and repairing light to medium scratches in all types of discs - CD's, DVD's, Game Discs etc.


Scratch Wizard Manual CD / DVD Restoration Kit

(No Brochure Available At This Time) The Scratch Wizard is the a manual scratch repair kit which only requires a bit of elbow grease to repair light and deep scratches in all your discs - CD's, DVD's, Game Discs etc.


Custom DVD DiscCloths

DVD DiscCloths are lint-free, machine washable cloths that are great for keeping your discs clean and working properly. DiscCloths are able to be custom printed with absolutely anything on them - Contact Us today about getting DiscCloths with YOUR Company's details on them!


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