CD & DVD Scratch Removal & Repair Products for Retail

Do you have a complete range of disc repair products?

Is your store leading the way with disc repair products? Can you answer customers’ questions and provide solutions to their disc problems? Are your customers learning about disc care and maintenance from your store? If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions then you need to talk with The Disk Doctor urgently!

Recycling is the way of the future…

Consumer awareness on the ability to repair scratched and damaged CD’s, DVD’s, Game discs etc. is low, but increasing rapidly. Gone are the days of throwing out scratched CD’s. Customers spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on their CD’s, DVD’s and Games and are looking for ways not only keep them in good condition, but to repair them!

The disc repair market is therefore in its infancy and is set to explode! The Disk Doctor is undertaking extensive marketing in the way of television, radio, magazines and newspaper advertising to increase consumer awareness of disc repair. Once the average consumer is aware that they can repair their discs, rather than throw them out – the demand for disc repair products will take off!

Is your company positioned to take advantage of this new market?

This is where The disc Doctor can help! The Disk Doctor is the ONLY company in Australia that specializes in disc repair products. That is all we do, and we do it well. We have a complete range of products from simple cloths and wipes, to electronic disc repairers.

Take a look at the products The Disk Doctor can offer you - ready to sell in your retail outlet:

Otherwise, take a look at our complete range if Product Brochures for more information.

If you would like to retail The Disk Doctor’s products, simply email Tony with your company details to setup a retail account.

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