2 Year Warranty on Disc Repair Machines


Thank you for choosing the Disk Doctor for all your Disc Repair needs.

All products supplied from the Disk Doctor are covered by a Warranty in one way or another to ensure you have piece of mind when purchasing a product from the Disk Doctor.

The Disk Doctor was formed in 1998 when DVD was first introduced and since then we have over 2,000 Commercial Disc Repair Machines within the Australian Market Place and another 7,500 units Worldwide. Over this period we have experienced VERY little issues with our Commercial Disc Repair Machines due to the construction and testing of the units at the time of design and with this in mind we can offer you a fantastic 2 Year Warranty.

We still today have clients whom have been using our Commercial Disc Repair Machines for over 5 years without fault! The Disk Doctor Team still uses the very first machine we built and apart from upgrading the machine as we supply you with upgrades, it is in original condition being the motor has done over 100,000 disc repairs and keeps going! Over engineering our commercial Disc Repair Machines ensures you can rely on the Disk Doctor to get you thru the deepest of scratches each and every time you press the start button! we can safely say that NO OTHER Machine in Australia can last as long as our Commercial Disc Repair Machines!

M1, M1+, M2 & M2+ Commercial Disc Repair Machines come with a 1 or 2 Year Limited Warranty within Australia. Please Check your Original Tax Invoice as your warranty period will be disclosed on this document and your warranty will start from the date on the Invoice Supplied. If by any chance you have a machine that requires Warranty Work within the allotted time frame, you need to contact the Team at The Disk Doctor with either your Invoice number, date of purchase and or the machines serial number so warranty work can be carried out. Warranty work does not include the following: Freight, Pad Holder (12 Month Warranty) and Pressure Sensitive Arms / Lid (12 Month Warranty). Everything other part on your machine is covered under our warranty and the Team at the Disk Doctor will only be too happy to ensure any work is carried out in a prompt time frame. 99% of the time we can fix issues with your machine over the phone without delay.

VMI 3500 Disc Buffering Machines: As an Agent for VenMill Industries the VMI 3500 Series Machine comes with a 1 Year Warranty or 30,000 Cycles which ever comes first. Please consult your Tax Invoice as to the start date of this warranty. Extended Warranties are available. Warranty does not include and Freight. Charges.

Disk Doctor Pro Machines: Unit comes with a 1 Year Warranty as was designed for the home user and NOT for high use industrial businesses. Under High Users this machine is covered by a 90 day Warranty. Warranty does not include and Freight Charges. Please contact the Team at the Disk Doctor to discuss and issues you may have from time to time.

If you do have any issues with ANY product we supply please do not hesitate to contact the Team at the Disk Doctor and we will ensure we have a solution for you as our biggest asset is YOU the Client!

Contact: customerservice@diskdoctor.com.au or call 1300 855 850

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