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Scratched CD's & DVD's driving you crazy?

2 Year Warranty on Disc Repair Machines



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The Disk Doctor Company was formed 10 years ago at the inception of CD ROM's within the Video Industry, as there was a need for a quality product to repair the ever growing number of DVD Discs that were being scratched due to the hiring public.

Within these 10 years, the Disk Doctor has become the specialists in Disc Maintenance products ranging from everything you need to clean and or repair your Damaged Discs from removing Finger marks with Cloths and Sprays to removing Deep Fingernail scratched with our Commercial Disc Repair Machines.

We have a whole product line at different price points for different cleaning products to satisfy our retail and wholesale clients to our volume purchasing customers. We pride ourselves in our first class service and top quality products that will suit every budget and every cleaning situation and with the market growing even more we endeavor to bring other NEW quality products in the very near future to keep our company a head of the CD ROM evolution.

What ever you need and where ever you are we can provide you with fantastic pricing and first class quality products each and every time you shop with us!


The MACH 1 & 2 are revolutionary new concepts in repairing almost all those annoying scratches out of CD ROM based products on the market today such as DVD's, Sony Playstation 1 & 2 Games, XBOX Games, Nintendo GameCube Games, Sega Dreamcast Games, Music CD's, and even CD re-writable CD's!

The MACH 1 Disc Repair Machine has the capacity to repair 2 discs simultaneously whilst if desired can repair 1 at a time. The MACH 2 Disc Repair Machine repairs 1 disc at a time and was introduced for those customers whom have a low volume of Discs and want to be able to repair their library one at a time whilst saving in the initial outlay of the machine. An entry-level unit with the ability to trade up to a Dual Arm at a later date.

You have seen other machines claiming to do similar repairs but the process is long and you lose track of which pad, which stage and which process you are up too and this adds not only to your frustrations but takes more time than necessary out of your hectic schedule.

The Mach 1 & 2 Machines were designed with you the consumer in mind and has been developed so that almost anyone can operate the machine with limited fuss for perfect results each and every time.

The Mach 1 & 2 can repair CD ROM's with light natural scratches to those fingernail catching deep scratches and brings the product back to its original finish in a matter of minutes, ready to be used, rented or sold, it is that easy.

The MACH 1 & 2 also have the capacity of repairing 1 or 2 CD's simultaneously and has been fitted with a cut off timer switch for safety, reliability and ease of use. Everything has been designed to make your job of repairing CD ROM's a breeze.

A great investment for your current business or use it as a second income, the potential is limitless!


The MACH 1 & 2 from the DISK DOCTOR can repair almost all scratched CD ROM's on the market today which include DVD's, Sony Playstation 1 & 2 Games, XBOX Games, Nintendo GameCube Games, Sega Dreamcast Games, Music CD's, and even CD re-writable CD's!

Research has shown that many CD's once scratched cannot be used fully to the capacity to which they where purchased, as the disc gets little scratches on it and your CD Player, DVD Player or Computer CD ROM Drive cannot pick this data up thus causing it to skip or not play at all.

Scratches that pierce the surface of the Graphics Layer (Top Side) so that you can see light through the CD from one side to the other are beyond repair by any machine at this stage.

The MACH 1 & 2 Machines repair almost all scratches and can present your CD ROM's back to its original finish and shine so you may repair and enjoy all your favorite CD's without the hassle of buying new ones.


Disc Repair Machines are fast becoming necessary in all forms of business, with continued product releases and purchases of CD ROM based products in today's market place. The MACH 1 & 2 Machines offer the most cost efficient means of repair and ease of use for any machine on the market today within Australia and through out the world and backed with unequalled support your scratched CD ROMs are a thing of the past.

We are also all aware that DVD is fast becoming the preferred purchase when updating our Video Store Library and statistics are telling us that this trend will become every increasingly more paramount as MONTHS go by.

Whether to maintain your own Video Store Library or providing exceptional customer satisfaction each and every visit to your customer base or reducing FREE rentals through product miss management or to create extra revenue from offering a service to the public, a Disk Repair Machine is fast becoming an essential part of any Video Store as with the RTI machine in VHS, yet without the costly outlay. You'll save thousands!!


Depending on your speed and knowledge of the MACH 1 from the DISK DOCTOR, fixing disks can be as fast as 1 minute for light natural scratches to a maximum of 1.5 minutes for deep finger nail catching scratches.

Easy to read Instructions are supplied with every machine sold and if read properly, you will be repairing those hard to fix scratched CD ROM's within the first hour of receiving your machine.
The MACH 1 can fix 2 CD's simultaneously making repairing multiple CD's a breeze.


Once you have mastered the art of repairing those deep scratches, the cost of repairing a disk can be as low as $0.05c per disk for those light natural scratches.

If you take into account labor and electricity you could be paying as little as $0.40c per disk repair. Deep fingernail catching scratches can be repaired for as low as $0.27c.

With the potential of offering a repair service to the public at a SRP (Suggested Retail Price) of $6.00 per disk the potential to earn extra income whilst managing your own library simultaneously, is limitless.


Once you have purchased the MACH 1 or 2 from the DISK DOCTOR the sky is the limit as your potential earning are only limited to your drive, ambition and go get 'em attitude.

With the market suggesting that $6.00 is a fair pricing point for repairing your favourite CD and the MACH 1 machine is capable of repairing over 500 disks per week, I am sure you can do the maths. It is that easy!


This would have to be the most asked question out there and I hope this clarifies it for you.

Although there are many different types of optical disks (CD ROM's) on the market today, they all function on the same general principle.

The music, picture and/or computer data they store is in digital form. This means it is comprised of millions and millions of ons and offs or zeros and ones thus the term digital.

Digital information is read from a disc by an infrared laser which projects through the clear protective plastic (Bottom side) of the disc bottom, and is reflected back to a laser reader after ricocheting off the aluminum layer (Top Side).

When the laser projects through the protective layer it reads the encoded surface that is made up of pits and lands that create the ons and offs. By reading the reflected light beam, the disc drive/player decodes this information from the disc thus outputting the information through a TV, computer screen or speakers.

A scratch deflects the laser beam to which the information cannot be read at a certain point on a track and the laser reader never receives this information or receives intermittent messages. When this happens the information does not flow thus causing a skip, a freeze in a picture or the non-starting of a CD ROM.

The smallest scratch can affect many lines of information. The most unprotected side of a disk is the topside or the graphics layer which if scratched renders the disk unusable.

All Players of CD ROM's today are effected in various ways by scratches from the age of the laser as time and usage goes on, the strength of this laser diminishes and light natural scratches can effect the reading of CD ROM's over time where newer, latest released players will have the ability to read through the very same light natural scratch!

Disk's, Disc's, CD's or CD ROMs are all based on the same format that consists of 4 separate but important layers.

1. The first layer being the Graphic Layer, which is screened onto the lacquer layer for those dynamic graphics, we see.

2. The second layer being the Reflective Foil Layer which has a micro thin layer of aluminum. This layer reflects the laser beam back through the plastic disk, allowing the stamped data to be read.

3. The third layer being the Polycarbonate Plastic Disc, which is where the data is stamped on the topside of the plastic.

4. The fourth layer being a Lacquer Layer which is dripped onto the disk at high speeds to create a thin layer of sealant for the protection of the data and disk.

Please note that the sizes of these layers are no more than a strand of human hair. Most CD ROM's can be repaired more than 50 times depending on the depth of the scratches.


Scratches are the worst enemies of data on an optical disk (Music CD's, Game CD's, DVD's and CD ROMs.) Where a scratch occurs determines if your disc is repairable.

Data resides underneath the topside of the CD ROM. It is extremely important to protect this side of the disk. Manufacturers however leave this side highly exposed to scratches.

If you hold your CD ROM into the light and you can see light through a scratch then this CD ROM is irreparable.

A disc over (A Plastic laminate which adheres to the top side of the CD ROM) is best suited to protect your investment at this point in time.

A scratch that occurs on the bottom side of the disk, however, may be resurfaced or polished out. The depth of the scratch will determine the success of the repair.

You should keep an eye out for these scratches and have them repaired when they occur using a product similar to the MACH 1.


All Disk Doctor Commercial Scratch Removal Machines come with a full 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. Please refer to your Tax Invoice supplied

All you have to pay is for the shipping costs associated with your own machine, nothing else. You and your customers will not even know it's gone.

Warranty on all Disk Doctor Machines either sold by us or thru an aurthorised dealer becomes null an void if certified Disk Doctor Consumables are not used and or overseas products used. The Disk Doctor will not repair, supply nor refund on this basis.

At the DISK DOCTOR we pride ourselves in our Customer Service and want to ensure any product purchased from the DISK DOCTOR comes with the highest standards of warranty and satisfaction.


YES you can.

When you purchase any Diak Doctor product it comes with a standard one (1 or 2) year (Next Business Day) Warranty, but an extended warranty period, namely one (1) year can be purchased for a nominal fee.

This extended warranty MUST be purchased within 3 months after the purchase date for it to become effective. Check out our web site to find out more.


If for any reason any product sold by the DISK DOCTOR has any fault the goods will be shipped back to your local state Office for repair.

The only cost associated with the warranty is that the user pays for the shipment of their own unit.


Don't Panic! Ordering is simple, just get onto the Internet and go to our Retail or Wholesale Orders page on our web site, fill in what you want and all the relevant details and press, "SUBMIT". Done!

Or you can fax us your order and we can process it and ship you goods no later than 2 business days after payment. If you wish you can select our express shipment if you have REALLY run out of supplies and we can ship that to you next day.

Order sheets are available and are also included with your MACH 1, 2 or Pro purchase. It's simple!


All Disk Doctor Products carry serial numbers, which identify that machine to you the customer.

When ordering any supplies, warranty work or upgrades you must quote this serial number for validity.

If by some means you have the machine stolen or damaged these details can be forwarded to the relevant authorities.

Without this Serial Number no orders can be placed.

Please ensure you have this number in a safe place and can quote it where needed. Another security option to protect your investment.


With the ever growing issues regarding the DVD Revolution across the world, The Disk Doctor has and will continue to service the worldwide market place, as we can ship any product, anywhere in the world using Australian Air Express and FEDEX Worldwide. With our Easy to use website you can order your products online via our secure online ordering system and goods will be dispatched within 48 Hours.

Whilst Export Customers DO NOT pay the 10% GST which is factored into our Australian pricing schedule they will however get reliable and efficient service each and every visit and if there is a product you are after please remember you may contact us at any time and we will try to service your request.

The Disk Doctor ships packages all over the world whether they are big or small so why not drop us an email and let us see what we can do for you as we have one of the lowest shipping costs around due to our huge client ordering system.


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The Disk Doctor Pty. Limited is the exclusive distributor of the "MACH 1 - Dual Arm Disc Repair Machine". "The Disk Doctor", "Got a Scratch", "Your Total CD Rom Scratch Removal System", "Your Total Disk Maintenance Specialists", "Ezy Disc" & "Scratch Wizard" are all trademarks of The Disk Doctor Pty. Limited. The Disk Doctor Pty Ltd does not authorise downloads or any unauthorised use of any of the above logos, trademarks or information without the Disk Doctor's written consent. Manufactured in the USA. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.

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"We looked at all the machines on the market before deciding to choose The Disk Doctor. Some were much cheaper, some more expensive. What ultimately made us choose The Disk Doctor machine was because of how easy it is to use and how consistently effective it is - some of the other machines took ages and didn't repair basic scratches, and others were so complicated that I had trouble working them without always looking at the instruction manual! The Disk Doctor does the job in 1 minute, with 1 pad - it couldn't be simpler than that!"

Game Retailer, NSW

"When The Disk Doctor contacted us, I wasn't sure we really needed a disc repair machine - now I can't believe we operated without one for so long! Being able to guarantee our customers that we can trade their discs, even if they are scratched, means we have an incredibly loyal customer base. Since buying a disc repair machine, we have had a marked increase in customers returning their discs to take advantage of the discount offered on purchasing another disc. Because they know they can always return a disc, even if scratched, they just keep coming back, and we keep selling them more discs!"

Adult Shop, QLD

"I've tried all the Commercial Disc Repair Machines on the market today, and absolutely nothing comes close to the ease of use of your machines! I do not understand why anyone who has a large number of DVD's would use anything else. 99% of my discs are repaired with 1 Pad in I minute"

Independant Video Store, NT

"I had a look at the new Disc-Go-Pod priced at under $1,000.00. After 20 minutes of trying to repair a disk I provided for the demonstration, the scratches were still not removed?! I couldn't believe it took so long and didn't even fix my disc?"

Independent Video Store, WA

"After 4 years of continuous use, I'm impressed with the quality of the machine I purchased from The Disk Doctor. I have just purchased another one for my new store!"

Videy Ezy Franchisee, NSW

"We recently purchased a Video Store which had a competitor’s machine, but we found it was too difficult and took too long to repair discs, let alone the loud vacuum cleaner that had to be attached whilst in use. We have since changed over to the Disk Doctors MACH 1 Dual Arm Disc Repair Machine and have never been happier, not only does it take less time and cost less money to operate but our casuals can use the machine"

BlockBuster Franchisee, QLD

"We have been trialing all machines over the last few months and have settled on the Disk Doctor’s MACH 1 Dual Arm Machine, as it performed above all other machines tested. Not only was it the easiest to operate for our casuals, but the running costs were a factor in our decision as well as service and warranty. With all this in mind we chose the MACH 1 and have had only praises from our team members and satisfied customers!"

Video Ezy Franchisee, NSW










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