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Scratched CD's & DVD's driving you crazy?

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Tips to keep your discs working properly

Discs are not indestructible but following a few simple rules can help in ensuring your continuous playing satisfaction!

Did you know?

Fingermarks/prints cause 43% of disc problems!

General wear & tear causes 25% of disc problems!

Player-related issues cause 15% of disc problems!

User-related issues cause 12% of disc problems!

PlayStation 2 machine scratches cause 3% of disc problems!

Laser rot (a manufacturer error) causes 2% of disc problems!

Interesting Facts

  • All CD's other than DVD's and Games hold 800 mb of information, whilst all DVD's and Game Discs hold up to 4.7 gigs of information.
  • Dirt, dust, fingerprints, scratches and grime can cause your disc not to load or play correctly.
  • The most important part of ANY disc is the graphics layer, as just underneath these graphics is the information required by the player to read your disc.
  • All disc players read from the inner circle of the disc to the outer edge on the information layer. You will notice barcodes on the information layer (other side to graphics layer) inner circle to which all players use to acknowledged the disc has been inserted into the player correctly then uses this code and converts it to be displayed on your television or other display devices eg. the amount of tracks/scenes on the disc.
  • A simple fingerprint around the information layers inner circle CAN cause a disc not to load properly if at all. A simple wipe with a lint FREE cloth can remove this fingerprint and the disc would work to its Original playing condition.
  • Do not scratch the graphics layer as you cannot repair the disc. HINT: Hold the disc up to a light with the graphics layer facing the light source. If you can see light thru the scratches at any point then the disc may be irreparable and or exhibit loading or playing errors.
  • Clean your Disc players lens regularly with a suitable product to ensure optimal viewing pleasure.
  • When your player reads the digital information from a DVD disc, any form of damage of foreign material on the disc will prevent your player correctly reading this information.



  • Do not touch the surface of the disc.
  • Make sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean both sides of the disc. Wipe in a straight line from the centre of the disc to the outer edge.
  • If wiping with a cloth does not remove a fingerprint or smudge, use a specialized DVD disc polishing spray to clean the disc.
  • Only handle the disc by its outer edge and the empty hole in the middle. This will help prevent fingerprints, smudges or scratches.
  • Be very careful when removing discs from all types of cases. Be sure to press the button in the middle of the case to release the disc, if required.
  • Do not use any type of solvent to clean the disk, such as methylated spirits.
  • Dirt, dust and lint build up will reduce the life of your players reading ability and cause unwanted disc reading errors.
  • NEVER use tissues or shirts to clean ANY disc, as the lint (minor dust particles) will be passed onto the players laser and will cause disc reading errors over a period of time.

General Wear and Tear

  • When not in use, always keep discs inside their protective case.
  • Do not leave discs or cases in direct sunlight.
  • Make certain discs are seated properly in the DVD player's tray before closing.
  • Do not store discs directly on top of one another in cases as this will cause scratches.
  • Do not leave discs in the player when not in use.

Player-Related Issues

  • The Strength of a player's laser is one of the factors that will determine whether it will read a disc with a scratch/fingerprint.
  • Some players will skip or pause for a second or two when the laser changes layers in a dual-layered disc.
  • Do not play cracked or warped discs - they could damage your player.
  • Avoid having your player anywhere it may experience extreme heat or cold, condensation, dust or humidity.
  • Do not block your player's heat ventilation channels. These are usually towards the rear of the player.
  • A player’s laser will experience issues reading thru any dust particles.
  • A player’s laser will get weaker the longer and more frequently the player is used.
  • A player’s laser strength will determine whether it can read thru a scratch or fingerprint on a disc and you may experience jumping, pixilation or even stoppages with your disc.
  • Do not touch the laser lens in the player.
  • See your user's guide for general player care.

User-Related Issues

  • Store discs in their cases in an upright position.
  • Stacking or placing objects on disc cases may cause warping.
  • Keep discs away from dust, moisture (bathrooms or humidifiers), excessive heat (heaters or hot equipment surfaces), direct sunlight (widows or in cars), pets, small children and other destructive forces.

Manufacturing-Related Issues-Laser Rot

  • This is an error in the physical manufacturing of DVD discs.
  • You may notice a shadow-like mark that is visible to the eye on the bottom of the bottom of the DVD.
  • You should notify the place of purchase if you notice issues of this sort.

PlayStation2 Machine Scratches

  • When PS2 machines are used standing on their side, the disc may scrape the side of the tray inside the machine causing a circular mark on the outside of the disc.
  • We recommend your PS2 machine be used lying flat, not standing on it's side.

Please view our Disc Care Brochure. If you have any questions which are not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact The Disk Doctor.


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