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Scratched CD's & DVD's driving you crazy?

2 Year Warranty on Disc Repair Machines

Special discounts!

Buy a Restore-A-Disc & get 1/2 price loth & Spray

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Got damaged CD's, DVD's & Games at home?

CD's, DVD's & Game Discs take years to accumulate - but only seconds to ruin. We all know that discs are not indestructable, infact they are very fragile. With all the time and money we spend to build our libraries, one would think we would dedicate some time to giving our discs some much needed TLC?

There are various things you can do to maintain your collection of CD's, DVD's, CD-ROM's & Games in good working order, read more about these on our Disc Care Tips page. However, if you already find yourself with a pile of discs that don't work properly, then you have come to the right place!

The Disk Doctor has a complete range of Disc Repair Products to suit all budgets and problems. Before you jump to the products page, I recommend you take a little time to learn How Discs Work, some Disc Care Tips and How To Fix A Disc. These pages will arm you with the information you need to fix your damaged & scratched discs, as well as to maintain your current collection of discs in perfect working order.

Please don't hesitate to Contact The Disk Doctor with your questions. Happy reading!


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The Disk Doctor Pty. Limited is the exclusive distributor of the "MACH 1 - Dual Arm Disc Repair Machine". "The Disk Doctor", "Got a Scratch", "Your Total CD Rom Scratch Removal System", "Your Total Disk Maintenance Specialists", "Ezy Disc" & "Scratch Wizard" are all trademarks of The Disk Doctor Pty. Limited. The Disk Doctor Pty Ltd does not authorise downloads or any unauthorised use of any of the above logos, trademarks or information without the Disk Doctor's written consent. Manufactured in the USA. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.

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"(The Restore-A-Disc) does a pretty neat job of removing the surface scratches from your CDs and DVDs that tend to interrupt play, just after you've managed to mould your body into your couch!"

Latest Buy, WA

"The Scratch Wizard works really well to remove scratches from CD's. By just repeating the process, I was able to get some very deep scratches out of my favourite music CD's!"

Scotty Mackenzie, QLD










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