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Scratched CD's & DVD's driving you crazy?

2 Year Warranty on Disc Repair Machines

Special discounts!

Buy a Restore-A-Disc & get 1/2 price loth & Spray

Buy a Scratch Wizard & get 63% off Optical Cloths



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Are you looking for a solution to your scratched and damaged CD's, DVD's, Game discs and other CD-ROM's? Nearly everyone has a collection of scratched or damaged discs, whether they be music CD's, DVD's, CD-ROM's for your computer or game discs such as Playstation 1, 2 & 3, Xbox & Xbox 360 games or even Blu Ray & HD DVD Discs! They certainly aren't cheap, especially the game discs! Rather than let them collect dust on the "damaged" pile, why not REPAIR YOUR DISCS!!


Disk Doctor Pro (4) (Small Business / Home Use) ONLY $395.00 Inc GST. LIFETIME WARRANTY TO ORIGINAL PURCHASER

CALL 1300 855 850


Mach 1
CD/DVD Cleaning & Repair
D Case Compatible DVD Cases
Disk Doctor PRO
CD/DVD Lens Cleaners
LCD / Plasma Screen Cleaners

To find what you are looking for, please select the category which best describes you!

  • Home Disc Repair - disc repair products for home use
  • Video & Game Stores - commercial & retail disc repair products, information & solutions for common disc problems in Video & Game shops
  • Retail Stores - disc repair products to sell in your shop

If you are simply looking for information on how discs work, how to repair discs, or some disc care tips, follow these links. If you are an existing wholesale customer, please use the flashing login top right.

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The Disk Doctor Pty. Limited is the exclusive distributor of the "MACH 1 - Dual Arm Disc Repair Machine". "The Disk Doctor", "Got a Scratch", "Your Total CD Rom Scratch Removal System", "Your Total Disk Maintenance Specialists", "Ezy Disc" & "Scratch Wizard" are all trademarks of The Disk Doctor Pty. Limited. The Disk Doctor Pty Ltd does not authorise downloads or any unauthorised use of any of the above logos, trademarks or information without the Disk Doctor's written consent. Manufactured in the USA. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.

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"Love the Disk Doctor Pro machine Great Product, Fantastic Price and it bloody works!" Home User - Sydney NSW

I needed a machine for my small video library store and was suggested the Disk Doctor Pro, love it, love it, love it! Convenience Store. NT.

Disk Doctor Pro - Boy is this machine bloody good for its money! Why would you spend thouands of dollars when this little baby does everything. I could buy heaps of these for the cost of some other machines. Video Ezy Store. SA.
"(The Restore-a-Disc is) Like carrying around a book of Resurrection... the best of it's kind!"


PC PowerPlay Magazine, August 2004 - Click here to read the full article

"Just a quick note, the new single arm machine I got from you guys is fantastic! A great product and the discs come out like new! My customers are going to LOVE IT"

Network Video Franchisee, QLD

EBay User

Hi There, Just got the Scratch Wizard and it fixed my game saving me $100.00! Thankyou so much! I would recommend your products to all my Gamer mates that have a Scratched Disc! You guys Rock!!!










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